QuikClean Xtreme

QuikClean Xtreme makes pool ownership an efficiency dream

Welcome to the next generation of in-floor cleaning. QuikClean Xtreme offers you the superior cleaning and circulation of the QuikClean in-floor cleaning system, plus more.

QuikClean Xtreme Pool System - Cooke Industries Australia

QuikClean Xtreme Pool System - Cooke Industries Australia

How Does it Work?

  • QuikClean Xtreme uses just one pump to clean your pool and maintain sparkling clean water, Cleaning your pool has never been so easy or friendly to your pocket.
  • QuikClean’s exclusive venturi technology has been extended to QuikClean Xtreme’s G4 venturi cleaning heads. Available in blue, white, black, grey and gold, these stylish new G4V cleaning heads increase water flow from the heads by 23% and increase the cleaning zone by 33%, without adjusting pump flow or energy use.
  • The power generated through QuikClean Xtreme’s exclusive venturi skimmer and venturi cleaning heads delivers superior cleaning and improves the heat and chemical distribution within your pool.


  • Makes pool ownership an efficiency dream with QuikClean Xtreme.
  • The QuikClean Xtreme system is designed for your pool to satisfy your personality and lifestyle needs.
  • Components available such as: G4 Venturi Cleaning heads, AVSC drain, QuikSkim venturi powered skimmer, LeafVac debris canister and Water actuator valve.

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