In-Ground Trampoline

Introducing a fun and luxurious feature to any backyard!

Transform your backyard and enjoy family time with the patent pending In-Ground Trampoline! Our specially designed trampolines are installed at ground level to improve safety and add a designer touch to your backyard.

In-Ground Trampoline - Cooke Industries Australia

How Does it Work?

  • Simply dig a hole in your desired location, place the assembled trampoline into the pit and back fill soil to the edge of the frame. It’s that easy! The In-ground Trampoline is the safest, easiest to install and most visually pleasing trampoline on the market.


  • Children are jumping level with the ground and can’t fall from a great height and they can’t get underneath the trampoline mat and get hit from above.
  • The patent pending In-Ground Trampoline provides an appealing alternative to traditional above-ground systems because it is installed at ground level. The appealing nature of the In-Ground Trampoline has seen them installed into gorgeous gardens, schools, community facilities and numerous family backyards.They are popular because they enhance rather than detract from the landscape.
  • The cost of installing a trampoline into the ground have been prohibitive, until now. Our In-Ground Trampoline is a simple and innovative solution to the costly exercise of pouring footings and building retaining walls to house a trampoline.